**Used dock table** Loading platform 8 ton capacity

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**USED**Turning platform-Dock table, ideal for OTC CACES.

AZ RAMP- OTC 4.47x4.75-8T

Used equipment, year 2023 Fixed dock table with high side safety guardrails Brand: AZ RAMP - Type: OTC 4.47x4.75-8T Load Capacity: 8,000 Kg

Dimensions: 4750 x 4470 mm

Adjustable lifting height: Mini: 0.90 m - Maxi: 1.20 m

Applications: A fixed dock table is an essential piece of equipment used in warehouses, distribution centers and other logistics facilities to facilitate loading and unloading of goods between the loading dock and transportation vehicles like trucks, trailers and containers. Unlike a movable or lifting dock table, a fixed dock table has a permanent position and height. Here is what it is used for: Facilitate loading and unloading: The fixed dock table makes it possible to connect the level of the dock with that of the transport vehicle, thus facilitating the movement of goods between these two levels. Create a stable platform: It provides a flat, stable surface for transferring goods between the dock and the vehicle, providing a solid foundation for loading and unloading operations. Permanent Integration: Unlike mobile dock tables that can be moved, a fixed dock table is permanently installed at the loading dock to ensure a constant and stable connection between the dock and the vehicle. Simplicity and durability: These tables are often designed to be simple, sturdy and durable, requiring little maintenance. They are integrated into the structure of the building and are designed to last over time. Stability and safety: By providing a stable base, they contribute to the safety of loading and unloading operations by minimizing the risk of tipping or movement during the transfer of goods. In summary, a fixed dock table serves to establish a strong and permanent connection between the loading dock and the transport vehicles, thereby facilitating the loading and unloading of goods in a safe and efficient manner.

It also makes it possible to meet the constraints of forklift operator training centers following the new RECO R.489. Passing Category 1 and 3 tests.

Very good general condition, VO warranty: 6 months