**RENTAL** AZ RAMP-PRIME PRIME WLO + 8 . Industrial Mobil Loading Ramp

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**RENT** Mobile loading ramp designed for industrial use

Brand: AZ RAMP - Type: PRIME PRIME WLO + 8

Capacity: 8 000 Kg

Total Length: 10.15 m

Overall Width Outside: 2,17 m

Interior Width (Useful): 2.00 m

Penetration in the truck: 25cm

Hydraulic crank leveling:

Height Mini: 0.90 m -Height Max: 1.40 m

Hot Galvanized Notched Tray, Anti-Slip 2 Lashing Chains, Eccentric Quick Hitch Hook, Double Vulkollan Roller Ramp, 2 Adjustable Support Stands, Side Safety Rails

Slopes: Min: 11.25% - Max: 15.56 %

Applications: Specially designed for industrial use, its use on "coated" or "Mac Adam" type surfaces will be very effective. Loading / Unloading trucks of Plateau or Tautliner type, AZ RAMP - PRIME PRIME WLO + is made of heavy steel, hot dip galvanized. Its full access platform will allow you easy access to all types of material handling equipment, including 3-wheel electric forklifts.

Rental Prices :

150 €HT / Day

314 €HT / Week

812 €HT / Month

657 €HT / Month ( for périod of 3 month minimum )