Mobil Loading Table AZ RAMP-SIMPLY 90 -8 T Capacity

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Loading Table / Mobile Dock Table for Transhipment of Goods

Brand: AZ RAMP - Type: SIMPLY 90 - 8T

Load Capacity: 8,000 Kg (8 Tons)

Useful dimension of the platform: 9.90 m²

Length: 4,500 mm

Width: 2,200 mm

Platform height Adjustable hydraulically; Mini: 1,050 mm - Max: 1,500 mm

Retractable side safety rails, height: 1.20 m

Structures in hot galvanized steel sections Non-slip, self-cleaning galvanized slotted grating tread 2 Support Stands with Adaptive Brackets + 2 Support feet with double rollers Integrated aluminum folding transhipment bridge Towing drawbar, Access ladder

Applications: Loading and unloading of trucks. In the absence of, or in addition to, a loading dock, the use of AZ RAMP - SIMPLY mobile metal loading tables offers an excellent alternative. The AZ Model RAMP - SIMPLY 90 has been created to provide an efficient and easy-to-use mobile loading / unloading platform for increasing the loading / unloading speed of a tautliner. This loading table can be easily integrated into the extension of your current fixed or mobile loading ramp so that the driver can perform loading / unloading operations more quickly.