Logistics station-AZ RAMP- Type: DISPATCH 3-11.9-9.1-6T

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Logistics station with mobile loading ramp and fixed quay table with 3 manual dock levelers compensated by gas cylinders.

Brand: AZ RAMP- Type: DISPATCH 3-11.9-9.1-6T

Load capacity: 6,000 Kg

Dimensions: Total length: 11,900 mm

Total width: 9,100 mm

Length Inclined plane / Inclined part: 8000 mm

Length of horizontal platform: 3,900 mm

Height horizontal platform: 1,300 mm

3 manual dock levelers with gas cylinder compensation Pre-drilled support legs, integrated dock bumpers. Side safety rails, height: 1.20 m, removable Anti-slip running surface in hot-dip galvanized grating

The + Products: Ideal ramp for logistics professionals and CACES certified Testers. Intended for use with 3 and 4 wheel forklift. Vertical platform of 35.49 m² to turn around with a 3-wheel electric trolley, but also to store 3 pallets on the platform to reduce the test time for each student. Slope: 16.25% on the inclined part. Complies with CACES-R489 standard