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AZ LOCKMATIC Automatic Truck Immobilizer System

In place under the wheel of the truck's wheel, this galvanized steel chock with automatic detection prevents unexpected departures of trucks. Signal lights included.

The + Product: Monobloc frame, fully hot-dip galvanized steel wheel guide for increased strength and durability. Automatic detection of truck wheels by optical cell. Easy to install, reduced civil engineering! Our automatic detection wheel chock complies with INRS Reco ED6059

Operation: At the green light, the truck is allowed to dock on the defined dock. Once at the dock, the operator will block the truck via the control console located inside the depot. The hydraulic cylinder slides the chock via the guide rail, the optical cell accurately detects the location of the tires, the sliding chock then extends between the tires of the truck and immobilizes it completely. The traffic light turns red, The truck is immobilized. The warehouse door can be opened. Once the dock leveler is in position, the loading-unloading operation can then begin. Once the transhipment operation is completed; with the dock leveler folded and the depot door closed, the operator unlocks the truck via the control console, and releases the truck. The exterior traffic light turns green and authorizes the departure of the driver. The one inside the depot turns red to indicate the absence of a truck in front of the dock.

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