Removable Loading Bridge Transshipment-AZ RAMP - Type: SECU DOCK-10 T

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Removable Steel Loading Bridge Transshipment plate for loading / unloading at quay.

Brand: AZ RAMP - Type: SECU DOCK-10 T

Maximum capacity: 10,000 Kg

Total length: 3,000 mm - Total width: 2,180 mm

Integrated wheel puncher

Acceptable elevation: - 375 / +375 mm

Own Weight: 755 Kg

4 lifting points for quick and easy installation.

The + Products: Allows to compensate for the difference in height between your platform and the different trailers. Easy to set up using a forklift 4 anchor points to ensure your truck loading / unloading maneuvers safely. Well suited for transhipment with heavy handling equipment.