Rail guard chain lift AZ LIFT - Type: LXG 3.0-9.80

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Product data sheet
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Industrial load lifting, elevation by double guide rail

Brand: AZ LIFT - Type: LXG 3.0-9.80

Lifting Capacity: 3,000 Kg

Maximum lift height: 9.80 m

Number of Levels Served: 3 (Height of Modular Bearings)

Dimension Useful platform: 2,100 x 3,470 mm

Motor: Electric 7.5 KW

Door and railing, Height: 1000 mm Including sensors

Power supply: Three-phase 380V / 50Hz

Installation type: Floor mounting, without disbursement

Elevation System: Double Lateral Guide Rail Auto-Lubricant Type SF-1

Lifting speed: 4-6 m / minute

High Precision Hydraulic Cylinder: Diameter 90 -70 mm

Total External Dimensions: 2,720 x 3,470 mm

Overall Height: 12,000 mm