Mobile safety stand for holding trailers PL, Capacity 45 tons

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Mobile safety stand for holding trailers PL, Capacity 45 tons.

Technical description

Reinforced safety stand, intended for the rigging of semi-trailers when they are separated from their tractor, to secure the loading / unloading operations. The positioning trestle length 610 mm with reversible ratchet up / down allows a very good stability. The mobile stand is equipped with 2 wheels ø 200 mm rubber and a steel wheel ø 100 mm. The lifting height is adjustable from 1100 mm to 1300 mm, the static load is 45 tons and the lifting load is 22.5 tons.

Technical characteristics

High. lift min./max: 1,100 - 1,300 mm Carrying Capacity: 45,000 Kg Lifting capacity: 22,500 Kg Width of the support: 610 mm Clean weight: 71 Kg

Safety crutches make it possible to secure transhipment operations carried out in trailers unhitched from their tractor. They are designed to prevent the collapse or tipping of trailers according to the recommendations of the INRS. They are mobile and easy to set up thanks to their wheels and adjustable height. the trailer is thus stabilized during loading and unloading operations with a forklift. This will prevent the trailer from tipping over in case of failure or breakage of a parking stand.

The + Products:

Load capacity: 45 tons

Lifting capacity: 22.5 tons

Fits all types of trailers