Mobile Ramp Loading AZ RAMP - TRIPLETTE-3 Trucks-Capacity 8 Ton

12,250.00 €

Product data sheet
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Multiple Unloading Mobile Loading Ramp (3 Trucks)

This unique mobile ramp in Europe will allow you to simultaneously unload three trucks simultaneously.

Brand: AZ-RAMP - Type: TRIPLETTE-8

Capacity: 8,000 Kg- (8 T)

Overall length: 11.40 m

Overall Width (Outside): 2.10 m

Useful Width (Inside): 1.90 m

Adjustable Height: Mini: 1.10 m - Max: 1.60 m

Slope Min: 9.64% - Slope Max: 14.03%

Number of penetrating and folding lips: 3

Inclined plane length: 8000 mm

Catching length: 3000 mm

Penetration in the truck: 400 mm

Equipment: Non-slip galvanized top surface, full access platform for access with 3-wheel folding electric forklift with centered hitching notches, adjustable height, fully flexible tires, height adjustable by hand crank, 6 lashing chains.