Mobile loading ramp- AZ RAMP-DCQ FOLD 8- 8 000Kg

Delivery time: 90 day(s)


Mobile loading ramp - Wharf ramp - Mobile dock with folding lips

Brand: AZ-RAMP - Type: DCQ FOLD-8

Carrying Capacity: 8,000 Kg

Overall length: 11.40 m L

ength Horizontal Plan: 2.93 m

Length Inclined: 8.47 m

Overall Width: 2.20 m / Width: 2.00 m

Upgrading: 1.20 m - 1.65 m

Side Safety Rail, Height: 0.30 m

Penetrating lip fixed and full, Length: 0.30 m

Color: Blue RAL 5010.

Slopes: Min: 14.16% - Max: 19.48%

Equipment: Full folding ramp, Non-skid plate, tow hook for forklift fork lift, height adjustable by manual hydraulic pump, 2 full solid tires, 2 feet of adaptive head supports adjustable in height, 2 chains of stowage. Folding Lips

Applications: Loading and unloading of flatbed or tautliner truck, container unloading, mobile platform ramp for demonstration, VL-VU access ramp. Perfect for use on unstable ground.