Mobil Loading Ramp with Integrated Dock leveler AZ RAMP-FORMATION 2020 - 10 T-Mobil ZR

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Mobile loading ramp with integrated hydraulic dock.

Brand: AZ RAMP- Type: TRAINING 2020 ZR- Mobil 10 T

Rated Capacity: 10,000 Kg

Dimensions: Overall length: 11.85 m

Overall Width: 2.14 m - Useful Width (Inside): 1.90 m

Length Inclined plane / Inclined part: 6.60 m Length

flat-horizontal form: 4.75 m

Height Flat-shaped horizontal: 1.10 m

Penetrating lip length: 0.40 m

Integrated Hydraulic Leveling Wharf (Power Supply 220 V- 50 Hz)

Lifting Height: Min: 0.80 m - Max: 1.75 m

6 Support feet, 2 integrated dock stops, refuge zone 500 mm

Side safety rails, height: 1.00 m, removable

Non-slip bearing surface, steel grating surface, drilled support legs

The + Product: Mobile ramp mounted on flexible solid tires Ramp specially designed for OTC (Certified Testing Body).

Designed for use with self-mounted trans-pallet, 3 and 4-wheel forklift.

Vertical platform of 9 m² to turn around with a trolley type 3 electric wheels,

Slope: 16.5% on the inclined part to access with an electric trans-pallet.

Applications: The TRAINING 2020 ZR model has been specially designed to meet the requirements of driver training centers, this ramp meets the future imperatives to be complied with from 2020 for the CACES Training (Safe Driving Certificate of Fitness), according to the new RECO R.489. Training driver, passing tests of Categories 1 and 3.