Loading Table AZ RAMP-DISPATCH 5-4.4 ZR-6T

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Dock table with hydraulic leveler and integrated refuge area

Brand: AZ RAMP - Type: DISPATCH 5-4.4 ZR-6T

Load Capacity: 6,000 Kg (6 Tons) Useful dimension of the platform: 22.22 m² Length: 5,000 mm - Width: 4,440 mm Platform height: 1,100 mm Side safety rails, height: 1.20 m Non-slip grating running surface Support legs with pre-drilled support plates Hydraulic leveling platform (220 V-50Hz) adjustable -280 mm / +600 mm with integrated 500 mm refuge area.

applications: Compliance of your OTC CACES with RECO R489, CACES Cat 1 and 3 test pass. Truck loading and unloading. Loading / unloading platform allowing to turn around with a forklift as well as the storage of 3 pallets. This loading table can be easily integrated into the extension of your current fixed or mobile loading ramp.