Hydraulic dock leveler AZ RAMP - Type: EDGE DOCK-E6

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Mini transhipment bridge PL, Hydraulic Mini-Leveller

Brand: AZ RAMP - Type: EDGE DOCK-E6

Electric motor 0.8 KW-220 V-50 Hz
welded rigid frame with non-slip tray
Static Capacity: 8,000 Kg (17,600 lbs), Dynamic Capacity: 6,000 Kg (13,200 lbs)
Electric control via IP54 console
Quick installation, Easy maintenance, Anti-slip coating.
Operating range: -30°/ +50°

Dimension Tray: Total width: 1 800 mm
Length: 300 + 400 mm, Thickness 8 mm.
Acceptable elevation/ Elevation range, Mini-Maxi heights: +150/ - 150 mm

2 dock buttors included ( Dimensions: 200 x 300 x 100 mm )

Color: Blue ( RAL 5010), Galvanized paint, High corrosion resistance.

Applications: Loading/Unloading trucks.Wharf equipment. Easy to install and use, the AZ RAMP-EDGE DOCK hydraulic mini-graders are an excellent option for SMEs, logisticians, transport companies looking for economic and sustainable dock equipment.