Fixed loading ramp AZ RAMP-FORMATION 2020- 8 Ton

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Fixed loading ramp, with integrated hydraulic dock.

Brand: AZ RAMP- Type: FORMATION2020- 8 T

Rated Capacity: 8 000 Kg

Dimensions: Overall length: 12 152 mm

Overall width: 2 400 mm

Useful Width (Inside): 1.970 mm

Length Inclined plane / Inclined part: 7 000 mm

Length Platte-shape right: 4.800 mm

Penetrating lip length: 750 mm

Hydraulic leveling dock with electrical leveling

Lifting height: Min Height: 800 mm- Max Height: 1 700 mm

6 Support feet, Side safety rails, height: 1.20 m Non-slip scalloped tread surface and hot-dip galvanized High resistance to corrosion.

Applications: The TRAINING 2020 model has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of driver training centers.