Enclosed Cargo-lift. AZ-LIFT MF-5-Side Opening

10,950.00 €

Product data sheet
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Enclosed Cargo-lift

Brand: AZ LIFT - Model MF-5,

Capacity 500 Kg

Inside Cabin Dimensions: 1 100 x 1 100 x 1 200 mm

Outdoor space Required: 1,600 x 1,300 mm

Engine: 3.0 Kw

Power supply: Single-phase 220 V -50 Hz

Fire resistant landing doors Stainless food for the respect of the hygiene in a food environment.

Custom lifting height, according to your needs.

Possible Opening: Door or Window

Optional: Opposite or adjacent outlet: + 1 500 € HT

Custom dimensions (Contact us)

The + Products:

Easy to install Supplied dumbwaiter ready to install

Lifting stroke according to the design of your premises Stainless Food


Mini-hoist load, restaurant equipment, hatch, The dumbwaiter is the ideal tool for catering trades. In addition, their uses are multiple and useful for transporting small loads from one floor to another. For example, we use as dumbwaiters in cafeterias, restaurants, hotels ... Thus, the mini lift AZ Lift is a range of small hoists designed to raise up to 500 kg. Its custom-made manufacturing allows it to integrate easily into the proposed environment.