Double Scissor Car Lift Underground . Brand: AZ LIFT - Type: DCE 50-2100

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Double Scissor Car Lift Underground . Brand: AZ LIFT - Type: DCE 50-2100

Recessed Double-Scissor Car Lift. Lifting capacity: 5,000 Kg

Elevation: Scissors, Maximum lifting height: 2.10m

Usable platform dimension: 5,000 x 2,210 mm

Power supply: Single phase 220V-50Hz, 2.2 Kw

motor Lift / Descent speed: 55 seconds

1 Control panel included, pneumatic locking of the main scissors and the auxiliary scissors. Hydraulic synchronization of the ascent / descent; Runways with stop

Pit dimension required: 2 x (5 160 x 680 x h: 360 mm) / spacing 950mm

Overall height in low position: 360 mm

Clean Weight: 2,501 Kg

Optional: 2 front swivel plates for geometry test: + 600 € HT

Complies with the European directive: . 2006/42 / EC (Machine directive) . 2004/108 / CE (electromechanical compatibility) . 2006/95 / EC (Low voltage directive)

The + Product: Scissor lift with auxiliary lift, Built-in version allowing the passage of all types of vehicles. Auxiliary lift 450 /480 mm lift. Ideal for geometry adjustment. System with safety notches, rear clearance plates, locations for swivel trays at the front. Equipment Supplied with complete electrical panel, control console, pneumatic locking, anti-rupture valve, parachute valve, oil / water separator, oil included. Choice of color, (See our Standard RAL in Image)

Delivery and Installation not included.

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