4 Post Parking car lift. AZ LIFT - QUADRI PARK-7 500 - Capacity 7 500 Kg

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Quadruple above ground parking - Car Lift on Freestanding structure,

Brand: AZ LIFT -Type: QUADRI PARK-7 500

Total lifting capacity: 7,500 Kg

Lifting capacity (First stage): 2,500 Kg

Lifting capacity (Second stage): 2,500 Kg

Lifting capacity (Third stage): 2,500 Kg

Maximum vehicle size: 5,500 x 2,200 x (h) 1,980 mm

Total exterior dimensions: 5,347 x 3,210 x (h) 9,162 mm

Power supply: Three-phase 380V-50Hz, Motor 7.5 KW

IP 54 control panel on the front, Flashing lights during lift-lower operations. Lift / lower speed: 40 seconds. Hydraulic operation with parachute valve and automatic mechanical safety on each platform. Manual lowering valve in the event of an electrical failure. Hot-dip galvanized steel structure.

The + products: Self-supporting structure. The QUADRI PARK 7 500 can be installed both indoors and outdoors (Range of use: -30 ° / + 60 °) Customizable color of your choice, at no extra cost (see detail in image) Electric lifts adaptable to all your superimposed parking needs. This car lift adapts easily to all constraints. This above-ground parking quadruple is a superimposed parking system that meets several needs: long or short-term parking, private use, residences, garages ... It is perfectly suited for parking vintage vehicles, SUVs, tourism ...

Complies with European directive: . 2006/42 / EC (Machine directive) . 2004/108 / CE (electromechanical compatibility) . 2006/95 / EC (Low voltage directive)

Applications: Ideal for vehicle storage, optimizing your parking area. This car lift makes it possible to park four vehicles on a single parking space. Optimize your parking without enlarging your garage. This type of device is the ideal solution if you need to expand your car storage space and quadruple your parking capacity. Very popular in car dealerships, car dealers, condominiums, car rental, airport parking, private parking, liberal professions, medical parking ...